Mule Exercises( Day 1,2 and 3)

Please find course contents and demo projects  here

Lab -1:  Mule Basics

  • 1) Develop a flow that will display “HelloWorld”  to the browser.
  • 2) Install Postman plug-in to google  chrome and  send HTTP POST request,

“Hello World”  as Payload, print payload using logger component and observe Inbound and outbound properties in debug mode.

Lab-2: Configuring Java component to Mule Flow

  • 1) Configure component with Method Entry point resolver
  • 2) Configure Java component with three different types of method arguments with the Help of Invoke activity
  • 3) What is the difference between Configuring java component as Spring bean and configuring component as non-spring based?
  • 4) Develop a component implementing Callable Interface
  • 5) Develop a Java component using Annotations.


Lab-3: Mule Expression Language:

  • 1) What is syntax of retrieving inboundProperties of  Mule Message
  • 2) What is Mule Expression to Retrieve Http method? In how many ways we can define this expression?
  • 3) Develop  Xpath expression to extract data from payload
  • 4) Develop regular expression to extract data from Payload

Lab-4: Connecting Flows

  • 1) Connecting the flows using VM endpoints and flowref, observe inbound and outbound properties in both scenarios







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