Day-4 Flows and Variables

Discussed concepts

  • Connecting Flows
  • Passing properties between flows
  • Flow and session Variables
  • Flows, sub flows and private flows
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous flows

Connecting Flows:


Points to observe:

  • VM endpoint configuration
  • Properties flowing from first flow to second flow
  • what need to do if we want to copy all inbound properties of first flow to the second flow
  • download execute the project “connectingflows” in Anypoint studio
  • Test from the browser:  http://localhost:8081?name=abc&age=22
  • How to copy selected inbound properties to outbound. execute the demo project  “usingmessagetransformer”  to analyze this.

Using Flow-reference 


Debug the project and test with browser http://localhost:8085?name=abc&age=22

2. Flow and Session Variables:


Points to observe

  • Import the project and analyze how the flow and session variables are created.
  • Debug the demo and understand scope of flow and session variables

The projects available at

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